The FBI recently composed a list of the most dangerous cities for 2020. got hold of the lists and compiled the potentially most dangerous cities in Louisiana.

People of Shreveport will probably be happy that our fair city didn't make the list this year. In fact you may be blown away by the cities that made the list and why.

This is the list in the order seen on

1. Hammond

With a population of 20,550, Hammond tops the list of Louisiana’s most dangerous cities, moving it up a rank from last year. Although Hammond has the fourth most dangerous violent crimes per 100k with 1,454, it are the most dangerous in terms of property crimes, coming in at 10,335 per 100k.

2. Opelousas

Opelousas is the third oldest city in Louisiana, and the second most dangerous. Opelousas takes the number one slot for most violent crimes per 100k at 2,139, and the sixth most dangerous for property crimes with 7,256 per 100k.

3. Alexandria

If you live in Alexandria, you’ve got a one in 11.9 chance you’ll become a victim of a property crime. It’s the third most dangerous city in Louisiana for property crime, with 8,410 property crimes per 100k. With a population 47,238, in Alexandria, you’ve got a one in 68 chance of being attacked, raped, or killed, making Alexandria the fifth most dangerous city in terms of violent crime.

4. Marksville

The small town of Marksville may only have a population of 5,450, but it’s jumped the rankings significantly from last year's numbers, when it clocked in at number seven. It’s the second most dangerous in terms of violent crimes at 1,944 per 100k, and the seventh most dangerous for property crime with 7,247 per 100k.

5. Bastrop

Bastrop has actually gotten safer since last year, when it took the number one spot for most dangerous city in Louisiana, but It still has some work to do. The numbers in the FBI report reflect 1,343 violent crimes per 100k and 9,795 property crimes per 100k, meaning you’ve got a one in 10 chance of being robbed or having your property vandalized if you live in Bastrop.

6. Crowley

A fairly decent sized city, Crowley would certainly rather be known for its history with rice production rather than ending up on this list. The population of Crowley is 12,779, and it's the third most dangerous city in Louisiana for violent crimes, with the numbers totaling 1,784 per 100k. For property crimes, the numbers total 7,168 per 100k, making it the eighth most dangerous city in Louisiana for property crimes. Crowley jumped up four ranks since last year when it barely made the list at number 10, but hopefully that’ll swing in a different direction for next year.

7. Monroe

The largest city on the list, Monroe has a population of 48,291 and is statistically safer than it was last year, when it clocked in at the fourth most dangerous city. The FBI's numbers reflecting 1,401 violent crimes per 100k and 6,788 property crimes per 100k mean you’ve got a one in 14 change of being robbed if you live in Monroe.

8. Walker

Just on the outskirts of Baton Rouge lies Walker, a little town of 6,296 people. In comparison to last year’s numbers, Walker has really skyrocketed in the wrong direction, climbing up nine ranks from the previous year with 938 violent crimes per 100k and 6,872 property crimes per 100k.

9. West Monroe

Up six ranks from last year, West Monroe may be the 19th most dangerous city when it comes to violent crime with 817 per 100k, but it’s the fourth most dangerous in terms of property crimes with 8,003 per 100k.

10. Leesville

Rounding out the list of most dangerous cities in Louisiana is Leesville. With a population of 5,999, Leesville is up four ranks from last year, but hopefully it starts trending in the right direction for next year. With 1,016 violent crimes per 100k and 6,251 for property crimes per 100k, it is the 11th and 15th most dangerous in those respective categories.

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