Ludacris is naming his top five rappers, and these spitters' flows are what earned them a spot on this particular list.

During an appearance on XXL's Hip-Hop Moments of Clarity podcast, the rap vet crowned the five MCs that he believes has the most undeniable rap flows. "This is probably, might be one of the greatest questions I've ever been asked," Luda began. "So, top five flows, man. Andre 3000 is going to be in there. I feel like he always challenges, always challenges. I'ma put Kendrick Lamar in there as No. 2. I'ma put J. Cole in there as being, like...right now, I'm thinking of people that are versatile and constantly trying to think of different flows that don't pretty much have a set flow that they always do.

"Those are three. I'ma go ’head and put Jay-Z in there, man. Jay-Z, you know, he does different things and he does experiment with different flows. And mostly, his different subject matter and how he's able to weave through and be on a track with anybody. So that's No. 4. Damn, man, No. 5."

The ATL native then took a moment to figure out which rapper gets the fifth spot on the list while deciding between Lil Wayne and Eminem. "I was honestly gonna put Lil Wayne," he continues. "Damn, this is hard because it's like you got Lil got Eminem, but I'ma have to go with Lil Wayne because the body of work and his consistency and he's been in the game almost 30 years, bruh."

Luda went on to clarify that his list has nothing to do with rappers who have passed away, giving props to Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Big L. "When we goin’ back to what we're talking about, I'm saying Lil Wayne in terms of the span," he says. "How long and how hard it is that people don't realize to be that versatile and continue reinventing yourself through three decades, almost three decades. That's a hard feat, so I'ma throw him in there too."

The "SexBeat" rapper added Tupac and B.I.G. as honorable mentions.

Ludacris isn't the first artist to name some of his faves in the rap game recently. Last month, Drake revealed his top five rappers of all time and his list contains some of the same spitters as Luda. Drizzy wrote in an Instagram comment in May that his favorites are his mentor Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Andre 3000 and O.V.O. Hush aka Young Tony.

Check out Ludacris name his top five favorite rappers with the best flows of all time around the 24:40-minute mark below.

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