This isn't a cold case. That moniker is usually reserved for cases without movement for three years. There is a list of suspects, buy they just don't have the slam dunk for the conviction.

If you aren't familiar with the case, here are the facts. 17 year old Lufkin man Chris Rodgers was murdered. On April 27th, 2021. Officers responded to a call of gunshots on Culverhouse Street.

Rodgers was found deceased in the driveway of his house on Rowe Ave. He was pronounced dead on the scene, and had been shot multiple times.

What's Going On With The Case Now?

Usually Crime Stoppers asks for 'any' information you have on a case. They need more than that for this murder investigation. Detectives have identified suspects that they believe are involved in the case.

There was a lot of physical evidence at the scene, and should have been enough to link the persons involved to the crime, but it's just not.

They need more detailed information from you to file charges. You could be the one to submit the anonymous tip that helps them make an arrest. 

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How Do I Submit My Tip? 

If you submit information that isn't already known to law enforcement, you will be rewarded. Providing specific details of this murder is key to getting that reward.

You can call them at (936) 639-TIPS, download their app, or visit their website. You can give them the information they need without revealing anything that could be used to identify you. No one will ever know who you are.

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