Living in Texas means we get some of the best Mexican and Texmex dishes around, but nothing beats the classics. Where do you go for a good Taco?

5/10/2016 UPDATE: It looks like Taco Casa is a fan favorite around Lufkin ... so far. There were a few write in votes for Mi Tierra taco stand and Fiesta Mexicana, but it wasn't enough to come into the lead. Do your friends agree with your vote? Share this link and get them to vote with you. We'll keep this post updated so when people start looking for the best Taco, they'll be well informed.

Hungry Yet?

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We also decided to check out Yelp! to find out what Lufkin's favorite taco places are ... Here are some of the TOP reviews;

  • Skyline Burrito Bowls via Yelp!
    Skyline Burrito Bowls via Yelp!

    Skyline Burrito Bowls

    409 N Timberland Dr

    Not only are they Mom's Secret Recipes but you get to create your own Burritos, Nachos and Bowls!   2 awards in 2 years is an awesome accomplishment for this family owned business.. Great customer service, amazing food and BIG portions.. A must try when in Lufkin!
    Top sellers are : CILANTRO LIME CHICKEN (available everyday). CARNITAS: slow cooked for 12 hours and nothing like I've never tasted before (available Monday- Thursday). BRISKET: slow cooked for 12 hours and super tender, topped with moms secret sauce. (Available Friday and Saturday) worth every penny"

    -Tavo V.

    Yelp! Rating - 5 STARS

  • Old Souls Food Truck via Yelp!
    Old Souls Food Truck via Yelp!

    Old Souls Food Truck

    Old Souls Food Truck is a hidden gem of Lufkin. Its owned and operated by Tom Boggs one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His passion for food stands out. The Cuban sandwich is a delight and always on the menu. His menu changes from week to week but there is always a surprise in store. This week it is beer braised pork carnitas tacos. They even offer in house made hummus! They also can cater small to medium events and office lunches.

    -Aaron D.

    Yelp! Rating - 5 STARS

  • Taco Casa via Yelp!
    Taco Casa via Yelp!

    Taco Casa

    1517 S 1st St

    Taco Casa is awesome. I live within walking distance of here and come quite often. They have never once gotten my order incorrect, and the staff is always friendly and personable. I have seen the owner/manager (whoever he is) himself man the register's or step back to prepare food himself if the need arises, which is a good quality in all management; most managers would rather hold down an office chair than do work, but he is a hardworking good man and has chosen is work staff well.

    The prices here don't make my pocket hurt, and the food doesn't cause the nasty Thunder Down Under like Taco Bell, if you know what I mean. Which is a huge blessing for everyone."

    -Kaleb F.

    Yelp! rating: 4.5 stars

  • Taqueria Jalisco Seafood via Yelp!
    Taqueria Jalisco Seafood via Yelp!

    Taqueria Jalisco Seafood

    308 N Timberland Dr


    I had to deal with "New Mexican" cuisine for a year and I've only encountered "Tex-Mex" upon moving to Texas. Is a little al pastor really that hard to come by??

    So, when the boyfriend suggested getting Mexican food for dinner, I was VERY skeptical. Others had recommended this place to us, so we figured it was worth a shot. I called to check the restaurants hours, and was greeted in Spanish. "Awesome," I thought, "This just may be the real deal." First good sign.

    When we walked into the restaurant, there were shelves of Mexican candies and treats for sale. Second good sign. We didn't realize that it's a "seat yourself" type of joint, so we awkwardly waited at the front until a friendly waitress directed us to a table and brought us menus.

    When we got seated, homemade tortilla chips (fresh out of the fryer!) and salsa were brought to our table. Homemade and delicious! Third good sign. Our waitress brought us a second basket when we finished our first. Fourth good sign!!

    But, still a skeptic, I ordered the Laddie's plate, which included 1 crispy taco, 1 enchilada (I got chicken), rice, guacomole, and salad, to sample their basics. If they can do their basics right, they can only move up from there in my book. I IMMEDIATELY regretted my order the moment the boyfriend's TACOS AL CARBON plate came out. O.M.G. I eyes ogled the steaming hot strips of meat tucked in between a wonderfully grilled tortilla - there were three of them. The boyfriend is getting better at mind reading, so he gave me a few pieces of meat to try, and again. O.M.G. it was so delicious. I can't describe the exact taste, but it was marinated so well. It was not salty, just full of flavor and smokiness. I enjoyed my enchilada and crispy taco, but I knew that I could've done better.

    I am no longer a skeptic of Texan Mexican food as long as I go to Jalisco!"

    -Jennifer D.

    Yelp Rating - 4.5 Stars

  • Cafe Del Rio via Yelp!
    Cafe Del Rio via Yelp!

    Cafe Del Rio

    1901 S 1st St (For Now)

    Cafe Del Rio offers your regular Tex-Mex fare, but could probably beat out any Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston or Dallas.  The food is tasty, portions are generous, and everything is freshly made.  My favorite is the Chile Relleno dish, with a nice crispy taco, a cheese enchilada and a meat-stuffed poblano chile covered in queso and pico.  I love the fact that the crust on the poblano chile still crispy, despite being draped in queso.    Whenever I'm in Lufkin I make it a point to stop by Cafe Del Rio.  Wish they had a location in my hometown of Houston."

    -Nick S.

    Yelp! Rating - 3.5 stars

  • La Unica via Yelp!
    La Unica via Yelp!

    La Unica Express

    200 N Timberland

    Delicious tacos! I tried the carnitas, barbacoa, and pastor and the were all so delicious that I couldn't pick a favorite. Complementary hot sauce and limes and the service is speedy. Way better than fast-food options and just as fast! I inhaled them so fast I couldn't even take a picture."

    -Hayley H.

    Yelp! Rating - 4.5 Stars

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