We may be hearing conflicting reports on when the official opening of the Lufkin skate park in Kiwanis Park, but it looks like the quarter pipes, ramps, and rails are pretty much ready.

Check out this Facebook post from Eddie Martin.

Yeah, that looks skate ready to me. Props to Eddie for the updates. He's already had a blast in the park, and is excited to spend his weekends there.

Now that Lufkin has the Main Street Skate shop, you can get geared up, and test your skills.

Our digital guy says he used to skateboard a long time ago, and now he's going to have to prove all the stuff he's been saying he can do. We'll have a camera rolling so if he gets hurt, at least we can try to make the footage go viral.

Go down to Kiwanis park, and check for yourself how the new skate park stacks up. Let us know what you think about it, and tag us in any cool videos you end up making. We may share it on our page!

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