We did more online shopping than ever before in December, and that might mean stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes are taking up space in the garage now.

Get rid of the boxes and help some folks with this win-win idea.  Just fill them up with things you were going to donate to charity anyway, and the boxes ship for free.  Here's how.

Givebackbox.com has been around for awhile, and it helps us hit those goals about being less wasteful and more efficient in the new year.

Give Back Box partners with Amazon, Jet.com, Nordstrom and Overstock and other stores to help charities like Goodwill.  And it lets us clean out the house at the same time.

Load up the old holiday shipping boxes with clothing, toys, and other things you'd like to donate, enter your zip code on the Give Back Box website, and print a free shipping label and send if off to charity.  You can generate a tax deductible receipt while you're at it.

There are a few rules to keep in mind.  The Postal Service might not accept the package if it's got another carrier's logo on it, so you'll want to cover up those markings with tape.  And there might be some preferred charities tied to the shipping labels.  If you want to donate outside of those you might have to drop off the boxes yourself.  But it's still a good purge that helps clean up the house and it gives the boxes a chance to keep living out their destinies beyond that one use.

Did you already break down the cardboard boxes and recycle them?  Um, yeah...me too. Whoops.   But the online ordering is non-stop, so there will be plenty more opportunities to put the boxes to even better use.

For other ways to help Lufkin Goodwill start 2018 on a great note, click HERE.

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