Look: Thanksgiving is less than two days away. Even if you're not on vacation already, your brain has packed its tiny suitcase and it's counting down the seconds until it's time to skip Work-Town. We're all just slumped over at work, daydreaming about the impending post-turkey weekday nap we all so richly deserve. It's been a long year! A lot of us are staring down a December schedule of relentless holiday cheer, and the coming long weekend is our last chance for a true rest. Who can even blame you for being kinda checked out right now?

Don't worry about it — hell, don't even worry about whether Rihanna's going to drop Anti while you're at Grandma's house and don't have time for a proper first listen because your mom says "no phones at the table." Just sit back, relax and enjoy this video of this man named Walter Ledermüller and his French bulldog Junior singing along to a cover of RiRi's "Diamonds." Great song, great dog, GREAT way to spend 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

What's that? Haven't had enough of the "man sings with his dog" YouTube micro-genre? Cool — enjoy this clip from last year, of a gent covering Madonna's "Live To Tell" while shirtless (sadly, the chihuahua doesn't sing). Full disclosure, this man goes to my gym in Manhattan and I've been too shy to befriend him. And yes, he sings while he's lifting too.


See? Now it's practically time to knock off work for the next 4 days. We'll leave you with one last video — a food related Hunger Games parody courtesy of YouTube comedians PistolShrimps, which may vaguely remind you of the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" Vines. "It's not just me and pita anymore." Happy T-Day everyone.