A man named Lawrence "Larry" Martin was called out on a flight for reportedly AirDropping a NSFW photo to the entire plane, and the incident was filmed and shared in a viral TikTok.

When a flight attendant asks him why he sent a photo of his penis to the other passengers on the plane, the man bizarrely replies, "Just having a little fun." Yuck.

"It's sexual harassment," the person recording tells him, which the flight attendant agrees with.

To make matters worse, the flight attendant confirms there were indeed children on the plane as well, who had devices such as tablets and phones that may have received the obscene image.

"Meet Larry who just AirDropped a whole flight photos of his peepee," the caption for the viral clip reads.

Check out the original video, below:

"The way he just admitted it like he didn't know it was wrong????" one viewer wrote in the comments.

In a follow-up video, the person who recorded the incident asks the man, "Hey Larry, do you have a TikTok?"

He says no, to which the TikTok user recording replies, "Aw, darn."

The video also includes an additional explanation of what happened after the AirDrop.

Apparently, when they landed a few people on the plane met with an FBI agent who informed them that Larry was arrested and "will be spending the weekend in whatever airport jail looks like."

The TikToker also confirmed that a child received the AirDrop but didn't accept it.

"There was a child who was sent the photo but didn't approve the AirDrop, his dad was ready to fight," the user wrote.

In the comments, TikTok users couldn't believe the man's audacity.

"If he had [done] it by accident and was apologetic, it'd be one thing, but he clearly doesn't think he even did something wrong," a commenter noted.

"He 100000% admitted and knew what he was doing," the original TikTok user replied.

Other commenters praised the person for speaking up and recording the creepy situation.

"Thank you for speaking up. Behavior like this is a huge deal and cannot be tolerated," one person wrote.

The original video has over 1 million views as of publishing, so it's safe to say Larry effectively got exposed by TikTok after, well, exposing himself...

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