The fact that Matthew McConaughey is a huge Texas Longhorns fan has been no secret, and now he’s offering the chance to sit with him at a game this fall. You’ll be in Matthew’s suite!

Matthew is a diehard Longhorn fan, so be prepared! It may get intense. You would get to take a friend or sig other with you to observe the madness, so you’d have someone with you who could snap the pictures for Facebook. How jealous would your friends be? Unless they’re Aggies of course.

Matthew is auctioning off the chance to join him at a Longhorn game via the Charity Buzz website. The money will go to benefit his J.K. Livin’ Foundation, which works with schools to develop fitness programs.

There’s not a specific game you’ll have to attend. The auction site says it will be a ”mutually agreed upon” game. Good luck!