Fresh off delivering an effortlessly dope verse on Aminé's “REDMERCEDES (Remix),” the great Missy Elliott comes through with a fire remix of her own, and she's brought Eve, Lil Kim and Trina along for the ride. Actually, she pretty much lets them drive. The remix is for "I'm Better," a track she dropped back in January.

Starting things off on the track is Kim, who cruises over the instrumental with some of her typically raunchy, swaggering lyrics, throwing in a Notorious B.I.G. reference for good measure. Next up is Trina, who flexes on all her competitors in a way only she can.

“Better than them and I get wetter than them/And fuck where you’ve been/Get too much cheddar for him /I set the bar and them bitches only setting trends," the Miami MC raps. "I put the pressure on them/Still ain't turned into a diamond/I got the Midas, billionaire-minded/Seats on reclining I'm getting some head right in back of the pilot."

Last but not least is Eve, who flexes on those she deems her inferiors with a tight verse of her own. On the track she raps, “I’ve been away... I’m so anti/Winning in life by a landslide/ I know you see me, you see me/Your chick wanna be me, but she could never be me.”

Missy herself only adds some vocals to the hook, while also turning in a few DJ adlibs before each rhymer jumps into their verse. Still, it's all pretty dope.

Hear the “I’m Better (Remix)" for yourself just below.

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