If you can't get enough Monster Truck action when they come to the Angelina County Expo Center in Lufkin this weekend, there is a different show next weekend right down the road. The Rusk County Expo Center in Henderson is putting this one on Saturday March 13th, two shows at 1pm and 7pm.

This event has a completely different selection of Monster Trucks. El Oso Loco monster truck will be there from Mexico City, and it's name translates directly to 'crazy bear.' This truck has fangs on a 3-D molded front, and is quite the character. The 'Sheriff' and "Carolina Crusher' will also be there.

The Outlaw monster truck will also be featured. It is driven by Michael Harper from Fort Worth. He is a 15 year veteran driver, and is a 6X freestyle champion. Harper is famous for getting big air in this 2020 Ford F250 styled truck, something you will want to see in person. 

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The Bear Foot monster truck will be there, driven by Mark Cole. He is known for being one of the best monster truck racers of our time. Racing monster trucks is a bit different than freestyle, and he goes hard. Former crew chief for Maximum Destruction, Cole holds the world record for the fastest pass in history. Bear Foot is a 2020 Ford F150.

There will be quad races in-between and Monster Truck rides on Sargent Smash. Kids 3-9 can join in the fun with their own Power Wheel trucks and quads. Spaces are limited, see their website for details. There is also a pre-show pit party, and participation in these added events, are not included in the original price of admission.


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