"Looking For Love (In All The Wrong Places)" is playing over and over in my mind as I read this report that claims Walmart is the most common place for Missed Connection listings on Craigslist.

The study into the most common missed connection listings posted to Craigslist originates from Psychology Today's Dorothy Gambrell (via Mental Floss), who broke it down state by state.

As one might expect, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri are also hotbeds for Walmart Missed Connections.

Here all along I would have thought that 'produce section at local grocer' would have been the top missed connection location ("Can you tell me if these melons are ripe?"). Perhaps due to the advent of the Walmart Supercenter, which includes a grocery and produce section, these 'WallyWorld' locations for missed connections have exploded.

Breaking it down further, the story shows that twentysomethings' missed connection locations are highest at ice cream shops, 30-year-olds miss connections at bars and the 40 and over crowd seems to have very dirty minds, as their missed connections tend to be at strip clubs or adult book stores.

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