Every year the staff of All Home Connections at ATT comes up with a list of the most searched Halloween costumes. They think that these searches might give us a preview of what costumes we will see the most this year in the great state of Texas.

Last year the most searched Halloween costume in Texas was a Dinosaur. Most likely they were the inflatable kind you saw all over the place.

That might have come true, but this year we can fight this trend and all be something completely different for Halloween. There is still time to avoid this, so you don't go to a party with a bunch of your friends all wearing the same costume.

Most Texans Will Identify As A Cat For Halloween 2022

Most popular usually means that it will be the most common. If you want to stand out with an original costume in the Lone Star State you might want to rethink your plans if you wanted to be a cat.

Strangely a cat costume, to many, is really one of the least involved costumes. You can put on some cat ears, use some eyeliner for a few whiskers, and boom, you are a cat.


If you are still planning on being a cat then you should really go all in for the role. Start chasing laser pointers and birds in the yard now.

To add to the lack of imagination or easier last-minute Halloween ideas in Texas, the cat costume was the most googled Halloween costume in 12 states. You can see the list for every state in the union on the ATT site for All Home Connections here.

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