We've featured Mother's Day gift ideas for the redneck Mamas out there, and now I decided to go a different route. Today I'll be giving ideas for all you who have sports enthusiast moms. So, here we go.

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    Football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, whatever! If your mom is really into sports, any of these will work. And, since we're right in the middle of the season, why not get baseball tickets?

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    Sports Movies

    There's no shortage of these, for every sport! A few of my suggestions: Remember The Titans, Major League (1 & 2, NOT 3), Space Jam, We Are Marshall, Rocky (any of them, including Creed).

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    Jerseys, Jerseys, And More Jerseys

    Again, any sport will do...except maybe hockey...I highly recommend a Tim Duncan jersey.

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    Tailgating Items

    Grills, chairs, coolers, ALL of the tailgating items...

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    A Photo-Op With The Championship Trophy

    Texas has no shortage of these. I mean, the San Antonio Spurs have five, the Dallas Cowboys have several, and the Houston Astros have the newest one, from last year. Get Mom a chance to get up close and personal, and get her pic with one of them! *Bonus points for getting a pic with the trophy AND some of the players.*

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