Of course, I'm happy that my daughter has found something she loves... It's just sad to see her grow up so fast!

Of course, from time-to-time during my journey as a Dad, I try to always e open and honest with all of my listeners when I have to get things off my chest. Looking back, most of my articles have to do with my girls growing up too quick, in one way or another.

This one falls under that umbrella, as I'm struggling with the thought that my little baby girl is old enough to not only play Fortnight, but also be extremely good at it.

Seriously, watching her play that game is like something out of this world. I don't understand how her little fingers can move so fast, or more importantly, how my little baby girl understands the game much better than I do. She's insanely good at it, and makes fun of me anytime we play together on the same team because I usually survive for about 3 minutes and she ends up winning the game by herself.

I know, it's suvch a weird thing to feel strange or sad about, but it really is bittersweet to see your kids grow so much day-by-day. If I'm a wreck with my kids playing video games at an early age, I don't even want to imagine how I'll feel when I buy them there first car.

Great, now I'm crying.

As always, thank you all for listening to me rant.

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