If you are one of the people that put down a few hundred hard earned dollars for the chance to buy a Cybertruck, it can be a hard blow when metal meets the glass. Just because you live in East Texas the need for a truck isn't always apparent. This truck, is actually priced very competitively, and if Elon delivers, it would be the perfect truck for me, or anyone else in East Texas. That Tesla Super Charger in Nacogdoches needs some use.


I have always been a car nut, so anything that rolls has always been of interest. On a whim I watched the Cybertruck reveal. When that cover lifted, I thought that it had to be a sick joke. This was completely different than anything on the road. Just like all inspiring design, this one was going to have to grow on me. At the end of his presentation I gave Elon Musk $100 refundable dollars to get in line to buy.

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The website was so laggy, with all the people jumping on to get in line, I accidentally got what would turn out later to be, two low number reservations. Then I noted that the one truck I would want, the tri-motor, would be the last to be made. I thought that would just my luck. Then Tesla announced they would be making the higher trim levels first, due to the way the preorders shook out. I was back in business, and that was when I realized I had two reserved.

I see people using Ebay and selling their reservations on the booked out past 2020 Corvette C8 for over $20,000. I don't know if anyone has made money on that, but it looks like you can at least try. I live for delayed gratification, and after two years of saving my pennies I will be stoked. I have never owned a Tesla, so I recently used Turo to rent one while in Austin. It was an amazing experience, and confirmed what I felt during my test drive of a Model X last year. The electric car is here to stay, and Tesla is doing it best so far. That means we get to make fun on them right? Yes, I think so.


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