I can't believe that after all the years we have had together that my truck would sell me out, but occasionally it likes to announce to the entire world, including the occupants of the vehicle, that I am cheap. It doesn't just come out and say it, but it's understood, as it announces loudly "This Vehicle Is Connected to OnStar with Limited Services".

What it is really trying to say is, "Dan is too cheap to opt for the entire suite of services that we deem acceptable". I mean shouldn't your own vehicle share your values? It certainly doesn't announce, "Dan pays $20 a month to have WiFi in his vehicle so his passengers can watch YouTube on trips". Not a peep about that extra expenditure on top of an already healthy car payment.

I am so glad this usually happens when I am all alone in the car. About once a month it chimes up with this. That is when it isn't telling me ON THE SCREEN, not to look at the screen while I am driving then waits for me to click accept ON THE SCREEN, while I am usually leaving somewhere.

Technology is great in vehicles, but I am secretly longing for some old fashioned do-nothing vehicles. New safety guidelines don't allow them to make those anymore. These current vehicles are going to be like iPhones - having to replace every so often, just to have it all function.

Do you have this issue? Don't you wish there was a way to silence this tattletale? Let me know in the comments below what you think of my petty first world problems.

- Your Pal Dangerous Dan Patrick

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