According to arrest records for Nacogdoches County, recent Nacogdoches High School Graduate 18 year old Chris Lewallen was arrested for food tampering. Officially that was all I could find out.

The Daily Sentinel posted up an article on their website yesterday and revealed more details about the arrest. They most likely requested the full arrest affidavit. According to them, he is out on bail.

I looked up the charges against him, and they are pretty serious. This time last year, (yes I know it doesn't seem like a year) it was all the rage on social media to lick Blue Bell.

This continues the trend of going to grocery stores and tampering with food for content. The crime really flies into the face of social norms. We would like to go into a grocery store knowing that someone hasn't licked or bitten into the things we are buying. Just like we would like to think that all kinds of group conduct, the unwritten rules about how to behave, are always followed. Especially now during a pandemic.

Kids that got caught back in the day bashing in mail boxes could have been charged with a federal crime - mail tampering. I've seen many a bashed in mailbox, but don't remember the perpetrators going to federal prison. I guess they just didn't get caught.

This is the same thing, in a new wrapper. This is the crime of food tampering. If you can find intent to cause harm, it's a third degree felony. I noticed a few people campaigning on social media to try and get charges dropped. Should he be charged with a felony for a social media prank? I guess when it goes to court we will find out.

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