The question is asked all the time of what new shopping experience East Texans would love to have in the area. One of the top answers to that question is H-E-B. True, Carthage and Lufkin have one, but East Texans want a more modern H-E-B experience. That's why this new 122,000 square foot, two story, H-E-B in New Braunfels is going to make East Texas H-E-B fans very jealous.

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The current H-E-B store in New Braunfels has been replaced with a very modern, very sleek, very find-everything-you-want-in-one-place, two story store. This H-E-B is full of the usual grocery products fans have grown to love over the years. What makes this store stand out is the addition of a two level True Texas BBQ restaurant, which is H-E-B's restaurant by the way, and the first of its kind Welcome Home by H-E-B featuring very Texas-centric home decor.

HEB Press Release via
HEB Press Release via

H-E-B's True Texas BBQ has been named best barbecue chain by Texas Monthly and a top barbecue chain by Thrillist. If you're dinner or lunch craving is taking you a little further east, you can pick up some sushi made fresh every day.

For the new Welcome Home by H-E-B, you'll find home products from Haven + Key and Texas Proud. Haven + Key offers a choice of home decor, furniture and accent pieces, candles, throw pillows, and kitchen accessories. Texas Proud features Broken Antler wood and antler art, Lucio Tailoring Co. leather products, cowhide benches from Texas Bench Worx and handmade candles from Rustic Swank.

All in all, East Texans are jealous of this new New Braunfels H-E-B. If you are in that area during your summer travels, stop by and try some barbecue and pick up some new stuff for your home.

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East Texans feel very deprived of not having a modern H-E-B in the area. That's why this new store in New Braunfels will make fans in the area very jealous.

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