As I write this a new taco truck is setting up for its first day in operation at the Brookshire Brothers Gaslight parking lot in Lufkin at 1807 West Frank Ave. They will be in between Brookshire Brothers and Pilgrim’s Pride.

The taco truck won't be hard to spot as it is sporting a colorful Dia de los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) happy sugar skull wrap. This isn't a trailer; it's a fully autonomous taco truck ready to do the work of feeding many people.

Elvia Santoyo and Orlando Aguirre are two friends serving you in the Dos Amigos Taco Truck. They will be serving up authentic, homemade Mexican food which is touted as being totally different.

Dos Amigos Is Proud To Be A Different Taco Truck

They will be bringing a clean, professional, taco truck to everyone here in Deep East Texas. If the food tastes half as good as the truck looks, then they will have a hit on their hands.

From writing a dream on a napkin to opening day is a struggle in this economy. Factoring in food costs and the gas for the truck; it all adds up.

I have a feeling that this taco truck will be around for a long time. I also feel like stopping by and giving it a try on the first day would be very encouraging to the owners to keep going and keep great food options coming to the Lufkin area.

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If you have questions or want more details you can call 936-707-5027 and like them on facebook.


Dos Amigos via Facebook
Dos Amigos via Facebook
Dos Amigos via Facebook
Dos Amigos via Facebook

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