Nicki Minaj has broken her nearly year-long musical silence. During an interview on Beats 1 Radio's Zane Lowe, the Young Money superstar unveiled two new songs, with one of them being "Chun-Li."

Introduced in 1991, Chun-Li was the first female fighter in the Street Fighter video game franchise. On her new song, produced by J. Reid of Chevi Music and Nicki Minaj herself, she delivers pinpoint precision and dexterous flows, channeling the spirit of Chun-Li over an electric instrumental.

"Ayo, look like I'm going for a swim/ Dunk on 'em, now I'm swinging off the rim/Bitch ain't coming off the bench/While I'm coming off the court fully drenched," she spits on the track. It's good to have Nicki back.

Of course, the release of the these two new songs, the second of which is titled "Barbie Tingz," probably means the coming of Nicki's eagerly awaited fourth LP, which she's been working on for years now. If the rest of the project is anything like these two tracks, it's safe to say we're in for some good stuff.

Speaking on the making of her new project last summer, Nicki said she was putting her all into making an album her fans will love. "My goal right now is just releasing this fourth album and watching my fans react to it, because I know it's going to be my best body of work," Nicki said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

"And I always love to be in that—in real time—see my fans reacting to something, and so that's what I'm looking forward to now," she continued. "You know, obviously I'm not telling them when its coming out, but I just know that... it's going to be amazing because I want to thank the people who've rocked with me all these years, because my fans are a different level of die-hard. So like, I always feel like I gotta make them proud. I gotta go hard. I gotta impress them, because they always waiting for me. You know, that's a blessing in itself. So that's next on my bucket list. To deliver my fourth album and make sure that it's a classic hip-hop album that people will never forget."

Check out "Chun-Li" below.

Cash Money Records / Young Money
Cash Money Records / Young Money

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