Some East Texans will be looking for those unusual vacation locales this summer. For this particular getaway in South Texas, a suitcase may not even be needed, just a backpack with a few essentials. This particular getaway would be one of those that a couple needing a romantic adventure could possibly take. And while the whole campsite available to stay on isn't labeled this way, your individual cabin is.

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You Can Walk Around in the Buff

Let's run down the basics of Tin Valley Retro Rentals. Yes, it is clothing optional. So yeah, if you're a couple looking for a unique romantic getaway, this could be your thing. There are several of these campsites in the 90 acres that Tin Valley Retro Rentals is on but each on is secluded enough to enjoy the privacy. So bring a suitcase, or not, and really disconnect from everyday life.

The clothing optional moniker is just that, its not a requirement of any kind and these campsites can be rented for a family getaway. There is a central gathering area that has a restaurant, swimming pool and a place to do laundry (if you brought any.) Wifi is available but, as renters have commented, cell service is very hit and miss.

Exceptional Views at Night

The biggest draw to Tin Valley Retro Rentals is the view at night. You are not disturbed by street lights or high rise buildings, you get a front row seat to the brightest moon you've ever seen and are covered by a blanket of stars like you've probably never seen.

Could Make a Nice Couples Getaway

If you're interest is peaked for this particular adventure, you can find Tin Valley Retro Rentals in Terlingua, Texas. It is suggested that you have an off road capable vehicle as you will be well off the beaten path. Also, make a run to the grocery store and gas station before you get there as each of those are about a 30 minute commute from your campsite. You'll also be about a 30 minute commute away from Big Bend National Park if you were wanting to check that out.

It'll run you about $100 a night, plus taxes and fees, to stay. Past renters have nothing but high praise for the host and for their stay. You can read those reviews and book a stay at Take a virtual tour of Tin Valley Retro Rentals below.

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