We've got some good slang in Texas, y'all.  In fact, "Y'all" combined with another pretty amazing made-up contraction helps Texas beat all other states for the best slang in the US.  

Dictionary.com defines the word slang as "very informal usage in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, playful, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language."  Like Yasss (which means yes of course, but with more oomph).  Make any word super casual, or over-use it in odd and unexpected places and it can become slang.

And slang is more common in speech than it is in writing.  Unless it's a text.  Then written slang becomes acceptable, right next to the wink emoji, or that Meh guy.

So how about this for some slang greatness.  "Y'all'd've."  (I know, it took me a minute too.)  Instead of wasting all that extra breath saying, "You all would have," sometimes we Texans run it all together and shorten it to "Y'all'd've."  It's such a no-brainer most of us probably don't realize we're doing it.

We're good at leaving out letters in Texas.  Lots of 'em.  Buzzfeed came up with the Best Slang from all 50 States, and for our awesome state they liked our unique contractions more than any other slang words.  They highlighted the example, 'Y'all'd've loved the movie last night.'" —Lauren Balentine, Facebook

I'm sure you can keep going.

Y'all'd've been better off buying three tubs of Blue Bell instead of one.

The brisket would have been better if y'all'd've dry rubbed it.

Y'all'd've seen the chupacabra if you weren't looking at your phone so much.

What else?

Here's some of the best slang from other states, according to Buzzfeed.

Alabama - "Roll Tide."  Isn't that just a football cheer more than slang?

Utah - "Sluff."  Instead of saying they skipped class, they say they sluffed it.

Wisconsin and Rhode Island - "Bubbler."  That's what they call their drinking fountains.

South Carolina - "Might could."  Umm...Texans might could be sayin' that too sometimes.

Oklahoma - "Fixin' to."  Umm, again.  Texans might could be fixin' to let South Carolina and Oklahoma know that they've got some competition.  Y'all'd've been better off coming up with something else.

Kentucky - "Coke."  All soft drinks are cokes, whether they're Dr. Peppers, Diet Pepsis, or actual Cokes.  Again, Texans get it.

Love it or hate it, slang is here to stay so we might as well make the most of it and be entertained by it.   

Now, back to work!  Right after we hit the bubbler.

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