Influencer Oli London has issued a public apology to BTS’ Jimin after they underwent 32 cosmetic operations in order to appear like the singer.

On Aug. 29, London uploaded a new YouTube video to their channel entitled, “APOLOGY VIDEO My Apology to Jimin and the Asian Community.” The social media personality has been criticized for identifying as Korean, transracial, meaning that they identify as a different race than their biological ancestry.

They apologized for “trying to become another person" and that it “was wrong of me to try to emulate Jimin in such an obsessive way. I realize now that it wasn't the right thing to do."

They believe that being bullied as a teenager made them feel alone and lowered their self-esteem which in turn made them suffer from an identity crisis.

"That has been a big factor in me having surgery, me being unhappy, me also funneling my love into Jimin," London explained. "I really tried to model myself on that person, because I thought that would make me happy."

London revealed that they recently got married which made them “grow as a person.”

"I can't be another person. I just need to love myself. I've started to really love myself," they added.

In addition to apologizing to Jimin, they also wanted to off their apologies to "any member of the Asian community that has ever misunderstood me or misinterpreted me or thought maybe I was a little bit too obsessed with Jimin."

However, they clarified that they still identify as Korean and that’s  “Never going to change.” London also announced that they are coming out as non-binary.

“My pronouns are they/them, Korean and Jimin,” they continued. “I know a lot of people don't understand me, but I do identify as Korean. … I don't identify as British.”

"I do struggle with identity issues … but I'm conquering these demons. I'm working hard. It's not easy, but I'm trying my best,” he concluded.

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