You know you’re successful when people try to bite off of your hype! British sensations One Direction are stuck in the middle of a lawsuit, as Simon Cowell and SyCo Records are being sued by an American band of the same.

TMZ reports that the American One Direction formed in 2009, a full year before the ‘X Factor‘ U.K. alumni even met, and established a stateside following. More importantly, the stateside 1D filed a trademark on the band name before their British counterparts did.

The U.S. band is demanding the U.K. heartthrobs change their band name and are demanding $1 million in damages. Cowell, SyCo Records, and the U.K. One Direction have yet to comment on the suit.

The U.K. One Direction that most of us know and love probably shouldn’t be too worried. They and their label likely have more than enough cash to cover the suit or any potential settlements resulting from it. What’s more, we doubt most of you heard of the American One Direction before this suit came to light. If the U.S. band was using this to garner publicity, then congrats! It worked … But we still like our Brits better.