On a road trip across East Texas, maybe you've had Cowboy Melt, or the Black and Blue burger at this place.  Now Jucy's Hamburgers is adding new things to that comfort-food-menu-of-greatness like veggie burgers and chicken sandwiches, and they've got plans to open up more restaurants across East Texas that could bring them to Lufkin.  Yum!

There are 5 Jucy’s Hamburgers in East Texas right now, including Longview, Marshall, and Tyler. They've got their sites set on other locations too, as part of a plan to franchise and bring the burgers and chicken fried steak plates to other good people around East Texas who need their day made with meat.

TexasHighways.com reviewed the Longview location recently at McCann and US80, and noticed that even though it's a chain, it still passes as a hole-in-the-wall with a laid back vibe and unpretentious vibe.  That's Texas!  Cool as a cucumber.  Or a piece of lettuce on top of a burger in this case.

The menu varies a little with the Jucy's locations, so I guess we've got to try them all.  And cheer them on as they open up more East Texas locations, in the next couple of years.  They've been cranking out the burgers since 1980, and they're not afraid to change with the times with things like online ordering and the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine that lets you touch a computer touch screen and pick from a hundred soft drink combinations.  But ultimately, it's all about the burgers.

The owners told TexasHighways.com that they'll take the expansion slowly, and stick close to home at first, in East Texas.  We'll keep our fingers crossed for Lufkin and Nacogdoches.  And until then, we'll use those fried green tomatoes, burgers, and Frito salads as a good excuse for a road trip.

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