Don't just blow this off.  Listen up!  This is serious business.  I am talking to all my listeners, friends, family and especially CO-WORKERS. Don't pretend you don't do this.  I know you might not be technically savvy and you want to pretend that you don't know what I am talking about, but this is REAL!  Some of you might say, I know this, I don't do do.  When I need pictures, video's anything for this website, or facebook it HAS to be horizontal.  Every picture, video and everything else, if you use a phone to do it, turn is sideways, not vertical.  Even if you do it upside down, I can fix this, vertical video...their is no excuse and no cure.  If you are still a little lost here is a fun video to help you remember that even though you might talk on your phone vertically, it's no way to take a picture.  I am doing this for your own good!