When you ask a European for the sexiest accent in the world, most of them will say it's someone from the Deep South (from Georgia over to Louisiana).

Texas is in a land all by itself, and that "Texan" accent ranks high too.  

Some linguistics experts divided us all into categories, and decided that these are the labels that apply to the way we talk:  Bostonian, Deep South, Midwestern, Minnesotan, New Yorker, Southern Californian and Texan. And then they asked which ones are the most attractive.

Here are the sexiest American accents according to Europeans:

1. Deep South (20%)
2. New Yorker (18%)
3. Bostonian (17%)
4. Southern Californian (16%)
5. Texan (14%)
6. Midwestern (10%)
7. Minnesotan (5%)

The accent in that part of the US that's considered the Deep South is pretty similar to our accent in Texas.

We can turn any short vowel sound into two syllables (“red” becomes "ray-ehd") and we can make a short word like "my" even shorter with "mah."  Not to mention the "ya alls" and "fixin tos."  We have all of that in common with the Deep South.  We might have more transplants than native Texans here these days, and all of the blending might dilute the Texas accent a little.  But apparently it's all sexy this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Babbel.com points out that sometimes Southerners stand out because of the ways that we stress certain words and put emphasis on different syllables.  Like “guitar” will be pronounced GEE-tahr and “police” POH-leess.  And is it "IN surance" or "In SURANCE?"  Let's ask those sexy Europeans over some wine and candlelight.

The British accent has been voted the sexiest in the world in the past, and since they fancy our Southern drawl so much this might be a match made in heaven.  It'll be the Bee's Knees, ya all.

Even if you haven't lived in Texas all your life, chances are you've picked up a bit of a southern accent by osmosis by now.  It doesn't take long to soak it up from a neighbor or a co-worker, and apparently it's attractive and could increase our odds of finding a mate.  A sexy British chap anyway.

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