A local case of Dialysis tampering from over 10 years ago surfaced back in July 14, 2019 on the Oxygen Network. 'Deadly Dialysis' is an episode of the series 'License To Kill' on the network. Much like their sister channel Lifetime, they are targeted at women, and their fears at every age.

Since around 2017 the Oxygen network has shifted away from airing old Lifetime shows and Christmas specials, and has done a complete switch towards true crime oriented programming. If you haven't watched the network in a few years, you will notice the imaging change to yellow crime tape OXY on top with GEN on bottom.

They have shows that are pretty tame like 'How to Stay Safe' and some that are more spectacular like this series 'License to Kill'. Sensationalized stories of every type air on the network, and though they are interesting, they stir up many old emotions.

I am friends with Clara Strange's grandchildren, and I can tell you that if you were at her house, you were her grandchild as well. She was an amazing woman, that could cook anything. She is not defined by this horrible story.

Mrs Strange was one of the first victims of Kimberly Clark Saenz as detailed in the book 'Killer Nurse' by John FoxJohn. I read a few bits of the book, and for personal reasons, it was a first for me. It is billed as 'The harrowing true story of one woman's murder spree in an East Texas Town.' With a bio-hazard sign right on the front cover.

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You can read the first four chapters of that book HERE. You can watch the episode online after signing in with your cable provider just CLICK HERE.


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