Okay I admit, I haven't seen any of these movies. I am too scared! But everyone loves these movies, I mean we are already on number 4, so there must be something too it. I am thinking about having a ‘Paranormal Activity’ marathon at the house and going to see this, but no one in my house (except the youngest daughter, go figure) can stand scary movies. Thrill seekers and just regular movie goers, are sure to put this one on their list of ‘must sees.’ So far the plot for Paranormal Activity 4 has not been released, but if you watch this trailer, I think you will get the idea.

This is one of those movies you will have to take someone who doesn't mind you hiding in their shirt for half of the movie. There might be a lot of excitement for this thriller to come out, but I really hope it doesn’t turn into ‘Saw’ and its many sequels.

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know if you’re ready for some more paranormal activity!