Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton had the coolest response to being called "muses" for the cult 2000s comedy film White Chicks.

On Thursday (July 1), Marlon Wayans posted a photo on Instagram of him and Paris at FOX's Tubi & TikTok Live Long-Form Reunion event, sharing in the caption how Paris and Nicky inspired his 2004 movie.

"The original 'white chick' and I… funny story one day my brother [Shawn Wayans] calls me at 3 am saying 'Marlon we should play white chicks,'" Marlon wrote in the caption, adding that he responded by asking his sibling if he was high.

"The next day [Shawn] showed me a magazine with @parishilton and her sister on the cover and said we should play gurls [sic] like this. I immediately got it. They were so big and ... the gateway to pop culture send up," he continued.

Marlon added that he and his brother filmed the movie "in good spirit to celebrate a special time in all of our lives."

"So thank you Paris and Nicky for being muses. Love ya. When we do #whitechicks2 let’s go shopping,'" he concluded.

"Great seeing you last night. That movie was hilarious AF. Love you too bro and yes let us know," Paris replied in a comment, to which Nicky added, "Happy we could be a source of inspiration! White Chicks 2?"

A sequel to White Chicks has been discussed a number of times over the years. In October 2020, Marlon told People that a follow-up film is a real possibility.

"People always say, 'Could you do a White Chicks 2 now?' I think definitely," he said. "A good joke is when you can make the people you’re parodying laugh. Who loves White Chicks the most? White chicks. In this environment, in this climate, we all need something to laugh at about ourselves."

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