New Orleans' own Pell just delivered a new animated visual for his songs "Show Out" and "Basic Beach." You can check out the zany audio-visual experience above.

The animated video perfectly captures the playful, easy-going tone of the two songs, which were released back in July. The first part of the vid sees an animated version of the Louisiana native dancing to the infectious Take A Daytrip instrumental. When the cartoon Pell isn't floating around in a sunflower, or "sticking and grooving," instructional lyrics from the song float across the screen. He wants listeners to show-out, and Pell leads by example in this new visual.

The "Basic Beach" portion of the animated production begins after about a minute, and as the title should have led you to believe, we find Pell at the beach. First, Pell's taking a dip in the water and lounging on the beach as he catches a mean side-eye from protective boyfriends. Not too long afterward, we see the Limbo rapper swimming with beautiful animated mermaids. He mulls abandoning the single life, but he can't quite do it because there are "way too many fish" in the sea and he wants to go swimming. Again, the tone for both sections of the new video is very light, and that's why it's more than a little awesome.

It's unclear where both of the relatively new songs will end up, but it's great to see both of them get a new video. The last time we saw Pell he was taking part in the Chance The Rapper-inspired #SoGoneChallenge. You can check out his freestyle over the classic Monica instrumental below:

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