The East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope's event, the Pineywoods Purgatory, is coming back to Deep East Texas. If you are a rider there are many very challenging courses to choose from.

The pitches and thickets in our area of Texas are just like being caught between heaven and hell. You are there enjoying the beautiful scenery, but it's still almost 100 degrees and you must climb yet another hill.

Thus the name Pineywoods Purgatory is very fitting. There are all kinds of different routes at 27, 54, 70, and even 100 miles if you want to really push it.

Be On The Lookout For Cyclists On October 1st In Lufkin, Texas

This event has been going on in Lufkin for three decades. I can't tell you the number of times driving around Lufkin on a random day in October and saying "Oh, wow where did all the bikes come from and where are they going?"

So if you are out that day, hopefully you will remember reading this and know that it's a bike ride for a great cause. When you are driving around remember to treat these cyclists as if they were pedestrians.

Give them three feet in all directions and share the road. You can guarantee they know what they should be doing and are trying their best to stay safe, while hoping you make good decisions on the road.

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If you are a motorist in the East Texas area, please be advised that cyclists will be all over during the ride on Saturday, October 1st, 2022. The event starts in Downtown Lufkin, as the Lufkin Convention Center is the starting point.

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