People are back downtown Lufkin playing Pokemon Go!

Lots of new interest has been stirred up as a result of the new upgrades to Pokemon GO! There is a lot more to do, and the game is evolving. Now people are, a year later, back on the main streets of Lufkin. Why? I thought you would never ask.

1. New Gym Badges
2. Team Battles
3. Raids
4. Invites
5. Legendary Pokemon

All of these things together, and a year to forget all the pitfalls of wearing out your shoes, and needing to carry around spare batteries for your phone, are putting people back on the streets.

I remember when we shot that video. So much has changed in a year. This was before Trump was president, and Pokemon Go was a fad everyone was enjoying. I remember driving the K-Fox SUV around downtown with the Pokemon song blaring. Those were crazy times.

I kinda like where it's at now, just a few random people walking around downtown playing a game on their phone. A believable amount of people. We didn't even need a Chamber of Commerce meeting this time to deal with it.

Pokemon Go Launches In Japan
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I'm really glad it's back. If you want to play, just come on downtown where lots of pokey balls and gyms are in Lufkin.

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