Offset caused a pretty big stir in the rap community when he was arrested for weapons possession last Friday (July 20). Since that time, more details surrounding the case have surfaced.

According to a new report from TMZ, police pulled over Offset, birth name Kiari Cephus, after the rapper weaved in traffic and failed to "maintain his lane." This much actually falls directly in line with his arrest report, which indicated that the rapper was arrested for an improper lane violation. Now, police themselves have reportedly spoken on the matter.

In a few other important notes, Clayton County, Ga. law enforcement tell the celebrity news site that they found three firearms upon searching Offset's vehicle. As we know, the rapper was then charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime, and possession of marijuana (one ounce or less), and an improper lane change. Offset was released from jail on Saturday morning, but based on his legal history, there's no way he's out of the woods yet.

After being arrested for felony possession of a schedule II narcotic and carrying a loaded gun on school property after a concert at Georgia Southern University in April 2015, Offset was held in jail for six months. After being released in December 2015, he was placed on a five-year probation. These latest charges would be violations of said probation, and because of that, Offset could be looking at some serious time.

Here's to hoping Offset can make it out of all of this okay.

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