Less than two weeks ago, Lil Peep died unexpectedly at the tender age of 21. Unsurprisingly, many are still mourning the loss of the young talent, and one of them is Post Malone, who recently had the rapper's image tattooed onto his arm.

In what appears to be a Snapchat story, we see Post's new ink. At first, the camera focuses on the soon-to-be completed tattoo. Then, it pans out to the image of Lil Peep it was based on. The final tattoo features Peep rocking a shorter haircut while sticking his tongue out slightly.

Peep had barely broken onto the national scene at the time of his death, but he touched plenty of people's lives in the time he was here. Based on a conversation XXL had with him this past spring, it's probably safe he considered that task to be a mission.

“My goal in music is to save people’s lives like how my life was saved," said Peep, who came out as bisexual a few months ago. "I was very suicidal and depressed and I was addicted to some drugs and a lot of different artists helped me get out of that with their direct lyrics. It’s amazing how specific some lyrics are. Sometimes you feel like an artist is talking directly to you. That’s what I try to do with my music. I try to think about different problems people are having."

Check out Post Malone's Lil Peep tattoo for yourself in the video below.

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