The stage dive is a staple of concert culture and one of the more stereotypically awesome parts of being a rock star, but at its base, it's an act of faith in the idea that your loyal fans will catch you when you make the leap. Unfortunately for Post Malone, his faith wasn't rewarded.

In the heat of a show in St. Louis on Sunday night (Sept. 24). Post leaped into what appeared to be a lively audience, only to find that no one was going to catch him. To his credit, he seems to have laughed off the unfortunate miscommunication, as he continued rapping his new song, "Rockstar," as he made himself comfortable on the showroom floor. According to one Twitter user who recorded the events, one woman even made out with Post as he laid on the ground. Rock star indeed.

Post spoke on the fall a little while after the show, tweeting that he "felt like jack black in school of rock tonight when i staged dived and nobody caught my fat ass. wish i had lil uzi body," he wrote in a tweet. Good for you, Post.

Post may have taken a fall, but things are still looking up for the guy. Recently, we put his new 21 Savage-assisted collab, "Rockstar," in our Best Songs of the Week. That single's already generated a ton of attention, and got good bit more after someone put Nickelback's vocals over the beat.

Check out videos from different angles of Post Malone's epic fall in the tweets below.

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