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  • Find out how to report your most hated pothole
  • Funds are in the works for city road repairs
  • Not all roads in Lufkin are city roads

As I type this, the Lufkin City Council is getting the details on a street rehab project to be funded through a budget amendment. If you live inside the city limits, your daily drive might get even smoother.

This is just the first reading, but according to the Lufkin Daily News the council will be considering approval of the 2023-2024 street overlay program. Tonight there will be a presentation by city staff to help solidify this action.

Are the wheels of government churning too slowly for you? If you have a bad enough pothole you might be able to get some relief quickly by reporting it to the city.

Report Your Pothole On City Roads In Lufkin 

You wouldn't sit in the dark just waiting for someone else in your neighborhood to report that the electricity is out. You pick up your phone or report it to Oncore on their site.

It's just the same with potholes. You can report them to the City of Lufkin right on their website. Just click here and report your pothole. 

City Of Lufkin/formstack
City Of Lufkin/formstack

You can report a lot of different things in addition to potholes there. You can report a water leak, a litterer, a malfunctioning streetlight, or ask that a speed hump be placed in your neighborhood.

There is even a spot for an open records request. You never know the answer until you ask, so give it a try.

Just keep in mind that certain roads are maintained by the State of Texas, like Timberland Drive among many others. If you live outside the city limits in Angelina County, mark them with signs, it worked in Fuller Springs, take a look.

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