Before the coronavirus even got started good, Pottery Barn stores were ailing. The competition in that segment, is mind boggling. Brands can last forever, but only if they stay in touch with their customers.

I just took a look at their facebook page, and website, and things are not looking great. They are having a 70% Off sale on the website, and the facebook page is littered with customer complaints.

Locally we don't have a pottery barn, but if we did it would most likely be closed. The one at the Stamford Mall closed over a year ago near Houston.

Their loss, could be your gain, as our local ATX Auctions East Texas will be live soon with merchandise from the retailer. They will put the home decor items and furniture on their live auction website.

They have an entire load from Pottery Barn to auction off. If you liked Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teen, or Pottery Barn Kids there will be something for everyone. If you have never heard of ATX Auctions you aren't alone. I'm not really super sure looking at their facebook, why or what they are selling, and how you get it.

Their address on facebook is 407 Sandyland Lufkin, Texas. I am assuming they are local. It seems interesting, and I know everyone is always looking for a great deal around here. There has to be someone that knows what is going on that is reading this.

So if you know more than me about why they have Pottery Barn merchandise to sell and the way it all goes down, please feel free to comment via facebook!

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