This is both good news and bad news for Scooter Braun, who manages both K-Pop sensation Psy and teen superstar Justin Bieber. This weekend, Psy's video for his viral smash 'Gangnam Style' broke the Biebs' long-held YouTube views record.

'Gangnam Style' is on track to become the most watched video on YouTube in, like, ever, to borrow a phrasing from Taylor Swift. The heavily-viewed clip has racked up over 804 million views since posting on July 15 of this year. The Biebs' 'Baby,' which was initially posted to the site in February 2010, has amassed 803 million views.

If Beliebers want their hero to hold onto his record, they better start staging all-night viewing parties of the 'Baby' vid, stat. Put that thing on repeat, even if no one is watching it actively.

Never mind. We doubt that would work. Psy's clip amassed almost as many views in a much shorter period of time, and it's still grabbing views at a rate of around 11 million per day. Clearly, the clip is still generating lots of interest and has heat. That's why it beat the Biebs and became the most watched video ever, per The Los Angeles Times.

Good job to Psy for stealing that social media stat right out from under the Biebs' nose -- and good luck to him keeping it!

Psy Justin Bieber Videos Infographic

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Watch the Psy 'Gangnam Style' Video

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