Earlier today (Jan. 7), a supposedly R. Kelly-facilitated Facebook group by the name of Surviving the Lies disputed the abuse claims made Asante McGee, a woman who accused the singer of various misdeeds during her appearance in Lifetime's new six-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. Now, she's stepped forth to issue a challenge to Kelly, who believes she and everyone else who participated in the series is a liar.

Speaking with the folks at TMZ earlier today, McGee, who lived with the embattled singer in one of his alleged sex cults in Duluth, Ga., urged R. Kelly to take a lie detector test if he wants to prove his innocence. "I would challenge him to actually do a lie detector test on a live television show like Good Morning America or America Today," she says. "So if you want to prove your innocence and say we are all lying, and I know we are not, I challenge him to take the lie detector test.

This video comes after folks from across the U.S. tuned in to Lifetime when the network premiered Surviving R. Kelly just last week. McGee is just one of dozens of women who've spoken out against Kelly over the last 25 years or so. McGee herself was targeted by the aforementioned Facebook group that was aimed at discrediting Kelly's alleged victims. It's now been removed from the social media platform.

Watch her issue a challenge to R. Kelly just below.

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