This one hits close to home, as Ralphie May died today after contracting pneumonia that led to a heart attack. 

I didn’t go see Ralphie May when he was at the Fredonia a few years ago, because I knew the show that I had just seen in Houston could not be topped. He was in his adopted hometown, telling jokes that only people like us, who might have spent time in Houston, could relate to.

Everyone, all races, were there. Loving the show, hanging on every word. On the way out, he was coming to sit at a table to sign for the fans. I look over and he is right next to me as he went to sit down. We talked for a bit, and I felt a connection with him. I was amazed. Then he proceeded to do that exact same thing, one person at a time with everyone there.

He loved his fans, more than himself. I think he tried to take better care of himself later on, but we all know he was a big guy. He had been in a very bad car accident when he was younger, and broke 42 bones. He never put that in his act. It was always positive, funny, and fresh. I will miss him, and we will all miss out on some great comedy.

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