As the rap world is still devouring Kendrick Lamar's latest album, DAMN., it's clear he's taking aim at the government and conservative news outlets like Fox News in his lyrics. On the album, which was released last Thursday night (April 13), Kung Fu Kenny samples audio clips from Fox News, where journalists and commentators on certain shows have bashed his music before, specifically from journalist Geraldo Rivera. Rivera since responded to being sampled on K. Dot's project, saying on his podcast that, “aside from Drake, in my opinion, [Kendrick is] probably the best hip-hop artist out there today...I didn’t particularly care for the way he mentioned me.”

It's no secret that rappers are not big fans of the conservative news organization. Over the past few years, as social media has shed more light on police brutality, racism and social injustice in America, more rappers are calling out Fox News for delivering slanted news to their massive viewership. But even before the days when people were getting breaking news on their phones, rappers like Jeezy, Nas and Jay Z called out Fox News and the most infamous host, Bill O'Reilly, for taking shots at rappers and hip-hop culture as a whole for ruining the youth.

Whether it's a new school rhymers like Kendrick or Chance The Rapper or an outspoken seasoned vet like Jay Z or Ludacris, rappers aren't shy about making it known that they don't vibe with Fox News' rap bashing. Check out a quick history of rappers vs. Fox News in songs, speeches and interviews in the gallery above.

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