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  • Lufkin is working to become a designated Cultural Arts District.
  • Taste and style of New York in a small town.
  • People are finding out about Lufkin and loving it.

Being from Lufkin can kind of distort your view of the town. Getting an outsider's point of view on our home might be a great way to get a new perspective.

Where you might say there isn't anything to do, many come to visit Lufkin and find so much going on. We take much of what is the seat of the only county named after a woman in Texas for granted.

Yolo TX TV came to Lufkin and after checking out their video, it gave me a really good feeling about my hometown. They focused on some local places that will make you fall in love with Lufkin all over again.

If You Live In Lufkin, Texas Someone Loved It

If you know someone that is from Lufkin or living in Lufkin, there is a reason that they are here. Just because you are born somewhere doesn't mean that you have to stay.

My mother and father were from different small towns around Deep East Texas. When it came time to put down roots they chose Lufkin. If you are here now like me, you or someone in your past did the same.

They saw something in the town years ago that you might not see anymore. I wouldn't want to currently live anywhere else and am proud of the things that are happening all around Lufkin.

Top 5 Reasons You Will Love Lufkin

If you have to only pick 5, here they are according to YOLO TX TV.

Top Five Hotels In Lufkin, Texas

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A New Perspective On Lufkin

You'll love Lufkin!

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