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  • Groceries are still expensive overall
  • Huge price increases are leveling out
  • Bird flu drove up prices in January

Now that just about everyone in Texas has started buying eggs from their neighbor that has chickens, the prices have started to drop. We are finally seeing more relief at the grocery store than in previous years.

In December of 2021, eggs were under $2 a dozen. When prices in December of 2022 went to over $5 a dozen we thought we were done.

Then in January 2023 egg prices went to over $6 a dozen. With no end in sight, many Texans turned to buying live chickens and waiting for nature to take its course.

A Complete Reversal In Prices On Eggs In Texas 

If you gave up eggs entirely because they were expensive, you might want to go down the aisle again and see the changes. Grocery stores are paying the lowest prices per dozen in two years, and finally passing those savings to customers.

According to CNN Business, the reason for the price fluctuation was the avian flu. It wiped out the supply of hens laying eggs on top of other factors, like fuel and feed prices.

Though the prices have been on the decline since March, sellers made the decline slower than it would have been had it followed the actual wholesale prices.

There is much to be said about being self-reliant, and even though the prices are down to around $3 a carton, it might not be such a bad idea to keep those Texas-born and bred hens laying eggs for you.

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