Another day another episode of "Dr.Phil" about the Church of Wells. Today's final episode about the church, focused on Catherine Grove, and her alleged kidnapping and brainwashing. It was revealed to the parents that she had a son, and was pregnant again with her second child. There were a lot of revelations in today's episodes, mostly stories from a pastor of another church in the Wells area that is close to their property. Tales about noise coming from all night sessions in a shed, yelling at people, things that some think could be brainwashing.

But amid all of these things, comes a video on the churches website.

The thing that stood out to me after watching the video, was that they dismissed "Dr.Phil". Putting his name in quotes, and reminding people that the show is for entertainment purposes only. That is a true statement, and responses like this, could be a reason that this church is appealing to some. There is truth in some of what they say, in a biblical way. But the questions about people that are there, possibly against there will, among other things, is problematic. Especially because there would be no way to tell if they were or not, if they are truly brainwashed.

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