Rick Ross sure knows how to make an entrance. The rapper, who suffered two seizures last month, which were shrouded in mystery, appeared on BET’s ’106 & Park’ to drop two bombshells, both of which will make his fans happy.


First, he’s okay. He was suffering from sleep deprivation and lack of shut-eye caused him to have that pair of seizures, which had the whole hip-hop scene worried about his overall health. Secondly, he just wrapped a collab with Jay-Z! Holla!

Ross revealed he had one seizure on a plane, got off the vessel and then boarded another plane that same day. The reason he got back on an airplane, other than he had commitments? He did not have much knowledge of the nature of types of seizures, since he had always heard about the violent ones that cause people to collapse and bite their tongues or choke, which was not what happened to him. He said, “I boarded a jet, had another one, snapped out of it, woke up in front of a doctor, who asked, ‘When is the last time you slept eight hours?’ Man, it had to be at last five years.”

A-ha! That’s the ticket. Ross explained that his drive, desire and hustler’s work ethic comes with its trade offs, such as lack of sleep. “Wanting to be [the] No. 1 label in the game comes with sacrifices,” he said, referencing his MMG company. “In my case, it was sleep. I would get two hours of sleep and keep moving … That has to stop.” Indeed. Sleep has regenerative qualities and Ross needs to let his body recharge.

After the second collapse, he went through a battery of tests, which cleared him of all major illnesses, like cancer, HIV and diabetes. In the aftermath, he has taken stock of what’s important. “I am spending time with loved ones, taking it chill for a while, but being a boss, I won’t completely stop hustling,” he said.

That hustlin’ nature included ignoring doctor’s orders in order to cut a track with Jay-Z. “As soon as I got home, I was supposed to be on bed rest, but me and Jay-Z finished the biggest collaboration we’ve ever done together.” So instead of stacking Zs, he worked with one!

Ross didn’t deny that he was going against medical advice by going back to work immediately following his seizures, offering simple reasoning for doing so. “When you have a vision or a dream, only you can see that through,” he said. “I am going to get me some naps here and there.”

Naps are good, even for the big boss Rick Ross.

Watch the Rick Ross Interviw on ’106 & Park’

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