If fitness is on your list for 2019 this is a accessible micro marathon. You could just trot in whatever shoes you are wearing and go. The entire thing is just .26 miles. You can do it! To help you out along the way they have rest stops with food and drinks, Saturday March 23rd, 2019.

We're taking the RUN out of RUNNING!
Slip on your flip flops or lace up your tennies – we’ve finally found a marathon for everyone!
*Going a full 0.26 miles can be hard on the system, so we’re installing some rest stops (think food, drinks, and more!) to fuel you up as you make your way through downtown Nacogdoches.
*Entry fee is $25. You’ll get a sweet race day t-shirt, a car decal for your 0.26 mile effort, and plenty of goodies along the way! Four-legged racers are welcome, too. We welcome teams, costumes, whatever you've got!
*Race day check-in begins at 3:30, and the starting tuba sounds at 4:30 pm.
Registration and details at bit.ly/nacmicro
Proceeds benefit students from Mike Moses Middle School venturing to Japan in May for the 25th anniversary of

Marathon running race in the light of evening
Getty Images/iStockphoto

the Nacogdoches/Amami exchange program.

This is a fundraiser for a student trip, so you know it's going for a great cause. If you are interested in helping. Just CLICK HERE to see their facebook page!

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