We have been getting reports from local law enforcement that they are dealing with a lot of traffic in the area from people just there to look. They already have a lot on their plates with the after effects of last nights tornado. Unless you have an actual reason to be in town, they advise not trying to come through the area. As of 8am this morning DETCOG has reported at least 1,600 outages, 1200 in San Augustine County.

Some area businesses are already rising to the occasion to help the first responders and the citizens of San Augustine at this time.

Higginbotham Air Conditioning will be setting up in front of the Sheriffs Office in San Augustine catering Hamburger baskets to all of the first responders, law enforcement, fire department and families affected by the storm last night. They will be there today April 25th 2019 from noon till they are out of food at 219 North Harrison Street, San Augustine, TX 75972

If you know of any efforts going on in San Augustine and would like to get the word out, you can always email me. danpatrick@kfox95.com.

tsm lufkin
tsm lufkin

A tornado tracked east of Nacogdoches and Angelina county and touched down around 11:19pm last night. A 150 mile track that started in San Augustine county, when though the center of town and then on to various locations a long that path continued through Louisiana.