There are sand bags available at Grace Dunn Park in Lufkin. The bags, sand, and shovels are provided. You do have to fill it yourself. So if you don't think you are capable of filling them, you should send someone else.

Most likely there very few places with the limited amount of rain that we are going to get from Hurricane Laura to need them in our area. South of Lufkin, the amount of rain will be higher, so understandably people from those areas will have more of an issue in low lying areas.

Once you obtain those sandbags they really do last forever. You can keep them at home to be ready for another rain event, if you don't get them wet. Hopefully one less serious than Hurricane Laura.

When using sandbags, you place them like brick work to keep the water out of your home. Laying them end to end, and make sure the unfilled part of the bag is covered by the next bag. Tuck the flap back and under at the end of the row. Stagger rows so the joints don't line up for the best results.

Place a small sandbag wall against doorways. You can put down plastic sheeting first, and make an even better wall. Build them at least 2 rows high, or higher depending on the expected conditions. You should have at least 25 sandbags is you live in a flood prone area.

Not  having to buy all those bags and sand is a huge help. So stop by Grace Dunne Richardson Park at 200 Mott Rd, Lufkin, TX 75901.

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